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Helping women everywhere to reach their peak

Members of the Climb High team with Malibina, the first Bakonjo woman to reach the top of Margherita Peak (16,763')

What We Do

Through passion for outdoor adventure, the founding members of the Climb High Foundation discovered a way to save the lives of women struggling to survive in developing countries by training them to work as trekking guides and porters in their local mountains.

Many of the world´s most alluring peaks are located in very poor nations Uganda, Nepal, Tanzania, India etc. Though climbers, tourists and trekkers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year traveling to these countries and exploring their landscapes and natural wonders, local economies continue to struggle.

Women have a particularly difficult life in many of these areas because they are considered subordinate to men. This translates into unequal access to economic opportunity, medical resources, information and education. The result: dangerous living conditions for women/girls and a disproportionate rate of infection from HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases.

The Climb High Foundation is dedicated to helping these women level the social and economic playing field by teaching them the skills that will enable them to benefit from trekking and climbing-related tourism.

How We Do It

Our organization provides these women with the clothing, equipment and training they need to work in the trekking industry. Our teams meet with the local authorities and community leaders to help facilititate the process and pave the way for these women to improve their standard of living. Our goal is to enable them to maintain an adequate, sustainable living wage and help them make meaningful, long-term improvements to their quality of life.

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